Monday, February 29, 2016

Heating up in the Mission Field!

Man, it was getting hot this week. Saturday was about 71 Degrees, which was great! Almost all the snow is gone from that big storm 3 weeks ago. I'm surprised that there is still some left but it's mainly the stuff that was frozen solid at the bottom of a big snow pile of in a place that is always in shadow. 

Anyways, This last week was a pretty big deal! There was Spanish Conference! That's where all the missionaries in the mission that speak Spanish get together and have special training from the Zone Leaders and Sister Missionary Leaders that speak Spanish. That's me, my companion and the sister missionaries in Sioux City. So yeah, I TRAINED ALL THE OTHER SPANISH MISSIONARIES. It was stressful. And Normally, we have someone named Brother Miranda help us out and train but he called AT 6:30 AM AND CANCELLED. He was really sick. So we were STRESSING OUT TO THE MAXIMUM. Luckily, we were able to get another member, Brother Dallon, to help out and that worked out perfectly. But it was so stressful!!!!!!!!!! The most stressful event of my life up to this point. Like I felt sick it was so stressful. But it all worked out in the end and it was a great conference. 

Otherwise, we were able to find a lot of new people to teach this week. like 11 people, and most of them are just the family of those we have already taught for a little while. It's awesome. In fact, one that we found was an awesome miracle. So, we found this name in our records a few weeks ago of someone who really like having missionaries visit but went on vacation to Mexico and there wasn't anymore records of anything happening. We tried her like 2 times before but both times, she was about to leave for work and there was not a man in the house (we can't be in a house with out an adult of our same gender). So skip forward to Thursday. We had a lunch with a member at Taco Bell and he said he wanted us to visit one of his friends, Marthita (Martha-ita or Little Martha: It's like an affectionate way to call your friends to show that you care about them), but he didn't tell us where she lived. He was going to tell us on Sunday. So we finished the lunch, he went to buy some tacos for a friend, and we went to go see  Martha, the person we found the name of before. Turns out that when we got there, the member had just got there with the tacos he just bought; they were for her! She was the person he wanted us to see, and we didn't even know it! And then we had a great lesson with him, Martha and her 2 kids! It was awesome! So yeah, there can be miracles, even if it as simple as getting to teach someone that you normally wouldn't be able to. 

Yeah, this week was great. I hope you are all having a great week!!!!


Elder Cox

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