Monday, May 30, 2016

Man, the Holiday!

So nothing is special about today for us missionaries except that we can't e-mail from the Library because it's closed. But our church has a family history library! So that's cool. It works out pretty well. But it isn't open for much longer so this will be a bit short of an email. 

This week was pretty awesome. It's hotter, which isn't too much fun but it's not the worst thing ever. I can deal with it. We met with some awesome people this week and have helped them come closer to Christ. We have also had a few people tell us to stop coming over and others that we have stopped going over. It's the rough time but Summer is optimal for Hispanics. They don't like the cold and they kinda get sad during winter but Summer is the prime time, so my hopes are high. Otherwise, I've been taking more pictures while driving so I'm going to send some. (first one and second one are from the car. The last one is from our window in the Castle, which is our apartment building).

Yeah, It's kinda the same old same old but it's a good same old same old, ya know? I love being out here and being with Elder Jensen again. He's still awesome but now he has to make a lot of different decisions because he's about to go out into the real world so in our free time we talk about that a lot. He's gonna be a lifelong friend for me. But yeah, we are just out here working, sweating, and preaching, so don't be worried about me everyone. I am missing you guys but I'm serving and doing what I've grown to love, so yeah. 

Love y'all! 

Elder Cox

P.S. we discovered that the "community room" in the basement of the Castle now has a piano! I'm gonna try to learn how to use both hands while playing the piano. We have a chance to go down there every once in a while.

Andy-my missionary selfie

The view from the Castle (apartment)

Sioux City from the road

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