Monday, May 16, 2016

This week went by FASSSSSSTTTTTTT.

Yeah this week didn't really feel like a week. I barely remember what happened too! It's weird how that is. You would think that if a week went by fast I would remember more. Nope. 

Anyways, to start the week off, we did Zone Training! It was good. We only forgot to mention 1 thing but it was a small thing that everyone will see in their e-mails so we did pretty good! It was super tiring as I mentioned last week in preparation for it but I feel like I've recovered from that.

It was a pretty hard week. We weren't able to find any new families to teach and we found out that one of the member families is having a big struggle right now, so it makes me kinda discouraged. But, luckily, I know that this is God's work. Nothing can stop it from progressing. Aka I'm not actually discouraged, so don't worry about me.

One event that happened occurred on Saturday. We brought one of our members, Brother Walker to a lesson with us at like 6:00 p.m. He is a white guy but speaks Spanish because he served a mission like I am currently but in Spain. The people we teach are a family. The wife is Maria and the husband is Santos. We get there and Maria is making pork ribs and chicken. So she gives us some as some of her friends come over too. One of her friends leaves in a hurry for some reason and then Santos doesn't wanna come outside because he "doesn't want to come to chruch". So that's sad. But it was just dinner! and a lesson of course. We had an awesome discussion in the which our member testified of how his 7 year old son was scared at a park because he was going down a big ladder off of a big slide. After getting down, he went a bit away and knelled down. Brother Walker asked him what he did after he got back. The 7 year old just said "I was thanking God for helping me down the ladder."   Brother Walker then simply said that if he wasn't a member of this church, his son would not have known that God helped him at that point. It struck Maria and it struck me. And I'm just thankful that I have parents that raised me to know that God loves me, will help me, and that I should give thanks to him for what he does for me every day.

I hope you all have a good week!
With Love,
Elder Cox

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