Monday, May 9, 2016

This week was sooooo tiring.

So I wasn't transferred. I'm still in the Sioux City with Elder Jensen. I'll be his last companion and I'll spend at least 9 months here. That's a long time for 1 area. I've already been here longer than I was in Norfolk and longer than I was in Omaha. It's a long time. 

This week was sooooooo tiring because I have a LOT on my plate. So transfers are always a big thing. I gotta make sure people know where to go and get there on time. I have to wake up earlier than usual on the day itself to get the people that are getting moved around out of my apartment on time to get to Omaha by 8 am (it's a 2 hour drive). And then, because it is the beginning of the month, We went down to Omaha on Friday for Mission Leadership Council. That entails that this week we have Zone Training, where the whole zone gets trained by the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders. And we were asked to give talks on Sunday. So have had many things to prepare and not a lot of time to prepare those things, because we still have to go out and teach people. It's pretty stressful. Luckily, I had some melatonin to help me stay asleep, so now I'm back up to my normal energy level. Gotta love vitamins!

Otherwise, we are still teaching english to the man from Puerta Rico and he is doing great. He loves our classes and likes when we teach from the Book of Mormon too! He didn't come to church but we will work with him on that one. 

I'm doing good out here. Just trucking along. Tomorrow is my 17 month mark, so I have 7 months left. That's exciting! I'm not yet ready to leave so I'm glad I have 7 months left still. 

Love y'all!

Elder Cox
Elder Cox and Elder Jenson

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