Monday, May 2, 2016

this week tho

It was so cold this week. I was so tired of the rain too. Ugh. It rained all of Friday, Saturday, and Part of Sunday. So bad.

The good things tho: We started teaching this nice man from Puerto Rico. His Name is Adolfo. He is awesome and in our second meeting we were just talk a bit after the lesson and he said: "Ok, now you are my friends" and gave us some bottled water. It was sick. And now we are teaching him English! He and his sister are our only students right now (she just joined yesterday) and they are doing great! He is also reading the Book of Mormon, in Spanish and now (starting yesterday) in English! He is just soaking it all up! It's great! Sadly, he works at a company called CF industries. It's sad because they work 13 days in a row and then 1 day off, a Sunday luckily. so he can only have the possibility of coming to church every other week. But he can still be baptized if he comes every week! Next week is his Sunday off so he can come and be awesome!

The Service: We helped out the Red Cross by going door to door and offering to install fire alarms in peoples' houses for free! It was like tracting (going door to door to do missionary work is tracting) and it was in the rain. FOR 4 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't very enjoyable but it wasn't that bad. 

This week is transfer week but both Elder Jensen and I strongly believe that we will stay the same. It's gonna be great!

Love you all!

Elder Cox

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