Monday, October 17, 2016

This week has been great!

So that person that I said before requested online for us to come is awesome! We met with their family 3 times this week and they reallllllyyy want to be baptized! They are set to be baptized on the 12 November! So they are really excited! They also thought it would be hard to get baptized. We said "You need to live the commandments, desire to be baptized, and come to church 3 Sundays in a row." She said "That's all?" That's the first time I've ever had anyone respond that way! Also, she asked if she could see her dogs in heaven. We responded "Yes." She celebrated! HAHA. She just loves everything that she hears about our church. It's great.

Also, another person who is set for baptism for the 5th of November came to church this Sunday with her whole family! Normally we have to find her a ride and her mom doesn't want to come. But they all came; Merecedes (which is the one set for baptism), Tina (her mom), her 2 siblings, and TIna's fiancee! It was awesome! 

It has been an awesome week! So yeah. That's about it I guess. 

Transfers are in 2 days! I hope that I don't leave! But it's been a great 2 transfers up here in Sioux Falls. I will let you know what happens!

Love y'all!

Elder Cox

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