Monday, October 24, 2016

Transfers are done! IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

I wasn't transferred. I am staying here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota until the end of my mission. And it is awesome.

So this week was amazing. We had a great week. So, I told you vaguely about a family who really wants to get baptized. Now I will tell more. The Berg Family: the mom is named Robin. The kids are Ashtyn (14), Kate (12), and Micheal (10). They are awesome. They investigated in the past and really liked the church. They lived about an hour away from Sioux Falls and were going to a small congregation. She really liked having that church family feeling and really wanted to be baptized! But she was unable to because her husband was strongly against it. So, she didn't get baptized then. Now, they are living in Baltic, South Dakota (which is a small town about 25 miles north of Sioux Falls) and Robin is divorced. She and the kids live out there in a house that they just bought. The reason we even knew about her was because she requested for missionaries to come to her house and to teach her family! She said that she was feeling lost, so she called one of the former missionaries that taught her before and asked how she can get missionaries over to her house again. So we came! We saw them like 4 times this week lol. On Tuesday, we took a member over there to put some doors into her house (we just stood around and watched him do his work).Friday, we went and taught the family with a member who just got home from his mission. Saturday, she and her daughters came to the church to have a church tour. Sunday, she (alone) came to church because her kids were scared of being judged (Ashtyn has short, dyed hair). But, after church, she got the kids and we went to our Ward Mission Leader's house to have lunch and to watch the movie "Meet the Mormons". It was great! They all loved it!Tonight, we are going to go out to a member's farm and have a hayride and a spiritual message with treats with the family too! They are loving everything! It's awesome! They really want to be baptized on the 12 of this month!

Not much else happened this week. Merecedes is going to be baptized on the 5th of November and we have worked with her this week too. But the Berg Family is our like major focus. 

Love y'all! I hope you have a good week!

Elder Cox

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