Monday, October 10, 2016

This week was wet.


So this week really was wet. It rained A TON on Tuesday, thoroughly soaking me and Elder Clark. Our jackets apparently aren't water proof. We found that out the hard way. 

We had a great week though. We had Zone Training on Thursday, so all the missionaries in the surrounding areas came in and we taught them. It was good. 

This week, we have found more Hispanics that I've ever found in the last 9 weeks combined here is Sioux Falls. We have talked to like 7 of them and they all seem interested, 2 of them even let us teach them right there when we met them! It's been awesome. 

Otherwise, this week hasn't been the most exciting. We've seen a lot of awesome things happen though. We have found a few good families, one of which asked online for missionaries to come and help them to get closer to Christ. it was awesome. They live like 20 minutes outside of town but they are super solid and we are going to see them again on Tuesday with one of the members of the ward. We found someone who is just getting out of a halfway house and starting to establish her life. She, of her own accord, asked us to teach her after we were talking to some of her friends nearby. It was awesome.

So yeah. I just got the notice through e-mail, that I will be starting something called MyPlan, which I've heard terrible things about (jk). It's what missionaries who are going home start doing to make plans for the After-Mission Life. so that's terrifying. I didn't think that I would get that e-mail for like another 2 weeks. so that's no fun. Luckily, I don't start it until next week or the week after, so that's good. I just didn't expect a notification.

I hope you all had a great week!

Elder Cox

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